Time to Check the Files …

Dr. Martin Campion, well-known wargamer and game designer, announces that a single sheet of paper he discovered in his filing cabinet between two conventional wargame magazines has just sold for $18,000 USD. Read the whole story to find out what this single paper was all about.

This typed & mimeographed item was from April 1970, entitled “Domesday Book #2”. This brief publication (not to be confused with the original census of Britain, AD 1086) was the newsletter for the IFW / LGTSA* wargame club of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It is of great historical import since it contained early drafts of the club’s first ‘house rules’ for medieval wargames (1:20 scale), which were compiled as “Chainmail” (published first by Guidon Games and later by Tactical Studies & Rules), which in 1973 produced a spinoff, the Dungeons & Dragons game. (And the rest, as they say, is history.)

(* International Federation of Wargamers / Lake Geneva Tactical Studies Association)

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