The Pneumatic Toaster

Dan has started a blog, The Pneumatic Toaster, so go to or just check out the link on the side of this page.

Happy Birthday Harry and brother Lou!  Both of the Regenstreif boys were born on this day, just seven years apart.

Also, garbage doesn’t lie – A large heap of trash points the way to an Obama landslide:

Chris Chauvin sent me this item from the Wonkette.  One of their refuse spies sent this snap taken while biking through beautiful Lisbon, IA recently during RAGBRAI which is Iowan for “bicycle ride.”  Bikers and volunteers were asked to vote for president by throwing stuff in the dumpster for the earnest young Egyptian man or the sinister one-eyed albino villain.  The fellow on the left won by a 3-1 margin, which is why Barack Obama is President of IA.  This week NBC has moved IA from toss up to lean Obama.  Go bikers!

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