The Great Adventure, Day 65

Ride: Day 65 bikes, Day 104 total Date: 7/14/82, Wednesday

From: The Cabin to Foley Creek Campground

Via: Birch Point Rd.,6 Mile Rd., Piche Rd., M-28, Soo Line, H-63 Old Mackinac Trail

State/County: Michigan/Chippewa, Mackinac

Mileage:                     Time:

Start 3002                 11:30 AM

Finish 44 miles           5:00 PM

Total 3056                 5 ½ hours

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: Paved with No Shoulder, some bumps we didn’t notice going north last time, Flat with some grades, low traffic

Map(s)/Guide: Chippewa & Mackinac County, MI State

Weather: Sprinkly before we leave, Sunny, 80’s, headwind, Thunderstorm to the north of us

Flora/Fauna: Hairy Woodpecker, robin bathing, chipmunk, daisies, brown eyed susans, cedar, lots of flowers

Others in Group: Postcard to Anne and Bill

Points of Interest/Mileage: Dafter (stores), Kinross, Rudyard, Hiawatha National Forest – 2 campgrounds and boating, etc.  This is what we pass through with scattered houses from Rudyard to camp.

Comments: Woke up to Duke coming over for freezer jam – too early!  We get up and say goodbye to the early birds, then eat and finish cleaning the Cabin.  A last look at the beach and we’re off.  We mail a card from Dafter, then pick up Old US 2.  Lunch in Rudyard is shortened by ominous looking clouds (plus thunder) to the north.  Fortunately (?) we have a headwind so we don’t catch the rain.  We stop at the Foley Creek Campground for water and decide to stay.  A tad close to the highway but otherwise nice.  Also no showers.

Expenses: Lunch $2.63, Camp $4.00, Total: $6.63, Trip Total: $3572.06

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