Fête Nationale – Happy Bastille Day – quatorze juillet – 14 July

Bonjour and Fête Nationale from the former French colony of Saint Louis.  Unlike France’s former Great Lakes colonies, that fell in battle well before Bastille Day, Saint Louis’ path to these United States is more closely tied to the events of that day.  The storming of the Bastille ushered in the French Revolution, which led to Napoleon.  Napoleon’s wars forced him to sell to Tom Jefferson the Louisiana Purchase.  Which was basically New Orleans and for a few dollars more Saint Louis, et. al.  Except at the time of the sale Saint Louis was a Spanish colony.  You see Napoleon’s relative was ruling Spain at the time and Napoleon thought it was safer to shelter his assets under a Spanish flag.  This led to some fancy flag raising (and lowering) on closing day.

OBTW, in le Tour de France Monday is normally a rest day, but not this year.

Even after yesterday’s ride, I managed to get up and ride this morning in the Park.  I got 15 miles.  It was cool and not very humid.  Work was hectic.  Customers are coming later this week, again.  There is Muny tonight, 90 Years of Muny Magic.  I have a million things to do …

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