The Great Adventure – Day 61

Ride: Day 61 bikes, Day 83 total            Date: 6/24/82, Thursday

From: South Baymouth to Sheguiandah

Via: Kings Highway 6

State/County: Ontario / Manitoulian Island

Mileage:                                               Time:

Start     2704                                         11:00 AM ?

Finish  54 km = 33 miles                       6:00 PM

Total    2737                                         7 hours

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: Paved, hillier, but still mostly long grades, very low traffic

Map(s)/Guide: Ontario Provincial Map, Manitoulian map

Weather: Beautiful in the AM – warm and sunny, tailwind; Cloudier and colder in the PM; Rain showers in camp

Flora/Fauna: seagulls – including one trying to get our bread, blue spiky flowers, day lilies, daisies, clover

Others in Group: Postcards to EB & PB, Anita, Axes and Dave & Jill; Phone call to Axes

Points of Interest/Mileage: Assiginack Museum, S.S. Norisle, Burns Mill – all in Manitowaning, High Falls – along 6 Rainbow Gardens, Fruits & Vegetables – South of Manitowaning

Comments: A nice motel (the first one off the ferry) with great beds for sleeping in late.  Finally, we get up and have breakfast at the Family Brown Restaurant.  Very good food, but a seagull tries to get our bread.  Excellent riding – sunny, warm, no traffic and lots of flowers; we stop at Rainbow Gardens – a produce stand and buy fruit and call Mark’s folks.  When we get to Manitowaning we play tourist and talk to the lady at the Museum and buy Indian turtles.  It’s getting cloudy there but it’s not until after we stop at High Falls that the sky is really gray.  It rains while we set up camp ( at Batman’s T&T – fairly nice but too many RVs, but that stops after supper).

Expenses: Breakfast $11.93, fruit $4.44, museum tickets $3.50, turtles & basket $4.50, juice & chips $4.15, camp $8.00, C&C $2.60, Total: $39.12, Trip Total: $3124.15

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