High School Musical 2

We went to the Muny last night and saw High school Musical.  We also saw Rob and Edie, members of Team Kaldis.  Edie is pictured above.  Yesterday I said that Edie was a Muny Kid.  I stand corrected, she was in the chorus.  The show was fine, sort of an updated Grease and as predicted hundreds of little girls were in the audience.

As per usual, on this Tuesday morning following Muny night it was difficult to get up.  No bike ride today.  Anne is working her GED class tonight.  This will be the last of these classes this school year.  Three more days of summer school.  Anne and the other teachers are attempting to divide and conquer.  Each teacher will give up their planning period to take a portion of another teacher’s class.  I can only imagine the negotiations over which teacher would get which students. 😉

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