High School Musical

Monday is Muny night again.  Tonight’s show is Disney’s High School Musical and I suspect it is also this season’s children’s show.  That means tonight’s audience will be swelled by little girls, all dressed to the nines .  A number of them will also be on stage as part of the cast, some of the so called Muny Kids.  One of our friends, Edie, was a Muny Kid.  She and her husband Rob should be in the audience tonight.

I rode in the park this morning, 15 miles.  It must haved rained last night because there were puddles.  The temperature was cool.  The sky was clear.  The wind was still and there was fog.  I was very happy that I did not roll over in bed and go back to sleep.

We lost power at work today for about an hour.  So much for excitement at work this week for me.  Anne survived to teach another day.  Only four more days to go …

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