A Ride In The Park

I got up and out this morning before work and rode in the park.  I got in 15 miles.  I didn’t see anyone that I know, but several people knew me and by name. 

You see, years ago a former neighbor, John, had joined the Clayton Crew.  An informal organization that daily starts near home and then runs around the Park, all starting at 6:20 AM.  In the dead of winter their ranks shrink to half a dozen.  Come spring their numbers swell to over fifty.   John was a very active runner.  When our paths would cross I would say, “Hi John!”  He would answer with, “Hi Mark!”  This went on for years and in its hey day all sorts of strangers would address me by name.  I haven’t seen John for a couple of years.  He was starting to get knee problems. 

The legacy of these greetings continue to this day.  Today, two members of the Crew called out, “Hi Mark!”  One was running with the Crew the other was circling Pagoda circle on his bike.  Maybe I should run for Mayor of Forest Park?  Or maybe I should just learn their names?

OBTW, note white egret in today’s header.

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