2 thoughts on “We Know Where You Live …

  1. The greatest risk according to Dwight Esinhower is the power and secrecy industrial/military complex.
    May I remind everyone that Boeing has antigravity technology that they have published.
    Now how does a aircraft engineering devise anitgravity???
    I for one have no doubt that these vehicles that are presented in this article are no where near the actual capabilities of their true arsenal.
    I am firmly convinced that alien technology is in the hands of AREA 51 and is backengineered into the industrial complex as rightful patents.
    May I suggest the Disclosure Project of Dr. Green.

    If Boeing is releasing antigravity details to the public now, then they were doing antigravity in AREA 51 quite a long time ago.

    Like Esinhower stated the biggest threat to the Constitution is the industrial/military complex.

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