Muny Night!

This morning while I was in the shower Anne was singing, “Another day another dollar, I get to teach the world’s best scholars …”, sung to the tune of Broadway Lullaby.  I’m sure she was anticipating tonight’s show more then looking forward to school this morning.  Tonight is opening night of the St. Louis Municipal Opera’s (The Muny) ninetieth season.  Tonight we are going to see Mel Brook’s The Producers.  It should be a great show.

We’ve had season tickets to the Muny for more then fifteen years.  We even took the boys when they were little.  I remember Dave went to a performance of South Pacific one year and just before curtain call they had a B-25 fly over the audience.  Later Anne asked Dan what was his favorite part of the musical?  The airplane, Mommy!  I bet this year’s Tony award winning revival of South Pacific didn’t have any B-25s in it. 

When the guys got older they started to chafe at going to see the Muny.  So now just Anne and I go.  But I got to believe that it had some effect.  Why else would Dan and Dave be working in live theatre?  😉

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