The New Ten Commandments for Math Teachers

1) Read the faces of students

2) Give students “know how”, attitudes of mind, the habit of methodical work

3) Let students guess before you tell them

4) Suggest it; do not force it down their throats

5) Be interested in the subject

6) Know the subject

7) Know about ways of learning

8) Let students learn guessing

9) Let students learn proving

10) Look at features of problems that suggest solution methods


2 thoughts on “The New Ten Commandments for Math Teachers

  1. instead of counting to 10 when you are frustrated, count by primes to 100. out loud if you have to.


  2. I dunno. I get all of that but I still think a bit of drill and kill is useful. *Sometimes* after a few billion multiplication problems you actually pick up on some of the *patterns* et al.

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