Bike Theft Prevention

Here you are out on a ride.  You meet up with friends.  You all agree to stop for food.  None of you have a lock.  Here are four ideas from Bicycling Magazine for thwarting bike thieves:

1) Rig Your Chain –  Before you stop put your front derailleur in the big ring and your rear derailleur in the big cog.  After you stop flick the rear derailleur gear shift a few times so that if a thief tries to take it he drops the chain.

2) Loosen the Rear Wheel – Open the rear quick release skewer.  If a thief tries take it the rear wheel will wobble so much the guy will drop it.

3) Secure Your Bike Secretly – Use your bike helmet strap to secure your bike.  Lock your helmet through the front wheel so a thief can’t just roll off.

4) Use Your Mini – Tool to Booby Trap Your Bike – Hey your buddies will laugh, until after lunch when your bike is still there and theirs are gone.  Use your Mini-Tool to turn your seat around or to turn your handle bars around.

As many of my bike friends know I am fanactical about bike security.  I always chose the resturant table for its view of the bike.  If necessary after being seated I’ll go out and move the bikes in order to see them better.  Years ago after registering at a group ride, I was returning to my car and my bike was gone.  I guess the look on my face was priceless.  I still get ribbed for it by my so called friends who had hid my bike.  You know who you are!

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