flying saucer

Port-side Out Starboard Home, Posh, or the preferred 19th century travel accommodations from England to India and back.  I flew out last night and returned tonight.  I was accompanied by Don, a business partner.  We had a lot of trouble booking a room.  So, by last resorts we ended up in this rather nice hotel. 

The best thing about the hotel was its location.  It was in the heart of the nightclub district.  After working all day, landing by eight and checking in by nine we were both ready for a beer.  Don knew this place called the Flying Saucer where we had a beer.  Later we ate at a good Cajun place.  The next day we met with the space aliens.

Everything on this trip had gone well until we returned to the airport.  There I found, I did not have a seat.  To make matters worse the preceeding flight at the gate was also over booked.  I waited in line while they settled the previous flight and just when they had completed that task and were ready to address me, they moved the flight’s gate.  OBTW, the standby list on my flight was running to 61.  Why does everyone want to go to St. Louis?

Let’s cut to the chase.  I made the flight.  I ended up next to Don, window seat, starboard side home.  And as we finaled at Lambert the escorting flying saucers dipped their cups and sped off.


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  1. Fort Worth Huh? That’s where they took the wreckage from Roswell before they flew it to Wright Patterson. Humm

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