Rest Day


This photo is of Nevada.  Nevada owns Frank and Kathy, my brother and sister-in-law.  Nevada actually lives in California, in Sutter, in the gold country.  This possibly confuses Nevada.  My other brother, Chris, visited Nevada, et. al., the week before last.  Frank and Chris did their usual volcano ride.  Outbound it is all up hill to an extinct volcano.  On the return it is all downhill, Wheee!

Unfortunately, Barbara, my at work walking buddy has just recently become a bike widow.  Her husband, Steve, bought a bike last week.  Since then he has become quite the itinerant peddler, just going from place to place.  As a sign of his worsening condition he is now looking for stuff to put on his bike.  So does Barbara need a bike?

So this begs the question, so why aren’t you biking?  Yes, I mean you!  It was over ten years ago, at the 1st of June that I started.  If you do please comment.  OBTW, I filled my tank today, $40+ for my puny Corolla.  Anne biked to school today, in a skirt.  Dan is now biking over to the Park to see Richard the 3rd again.  OK, I’ve sold myself.  There is still an hour of light and I have lights.  Bye!

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  1. Nevada was named this because in Spanish, Nevada means “Snowy.” Nevada is a very regal cat with a sense of Entitlement. And we live in Sutter Creek–:-) Cheers!–Kathy

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