On the Eve of All Hallows Eve

Scary Skull

There is a lot in this world to be afraid of, wars, disease, crime. At this time of year with the amount of daylight is visibly shrinking daily and the world can seem a dark and forbidding place. The daily news feed is full of death, destruction and suffering. But the sun has come out today and is shining brightly. This after a weekend full of some much-needed rain. This annual outbreak of seasonal affected disorder is only encouraged by the steady diet of slasher/horror films that seemingly popout of every closet at this time of year. They add to an overpowering sense of dread. Plus, the world is getting colder and more inhospitable by the day. Summer’s shorts have been put away. With all of the world’s burdens weighing heavily upon my shoulders, I feel at a loss and have nothing more to say other than just give me the candy!

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