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The new blue couch has arrived. Anne was able to lie on it last night and watch her favorite Sunday night PBS programs, but not before way too much IT support was provided. After repeated rebooting of the TV, Direct TV controller, ATT modem and the computer, I was able to get everything to play nicely together again. Another aftermath of Saturday night’s wild weather. I have an appointment scheduled with local movers to move Joanie’s couch to her new place on Friday. This will complete our couch project.

The saga of the squirrel damaged RAV4 continues. I spoke with the Toyota service tech on Friday, and he wanted to get my insurance company’s contact info, because he had found some additional wiring damage caused by the squirrel. He said that the wires to the right headlight had been chewed, which is distressing, because when we went to the theater last week at night, that headlight was definitely working. That could mean that the squirrel is still going after the car and is unfazed by any of my peppermint oil repellants. 

Starting tomorrow, I jump feet first into the deep end of the pool and begin interacting with sharks, also-known-as new window salesmen. Windows are a lucrative product to sell, high priced and easy to install. Currently, as part of the Inflation Reduction Act the US Government is offering a 30% tax credit to homeowners, if they replace older, less energy efficient windows with newer Energy Star certified windows. The government will cover up to $3200 every year until 2033. Every window in this house was installed in 1937, so they are all ripe for replacement. Perusing Andersen windows pricing, four windows could be affordable within a $3200 annual budget. I have four salesmen lined up.

Finally on my list of projects is our home’s main lateral waterline. If it is galvanized, then it is eligible for free replacement by the water company, but if it is copper than no luck. I already know that it is not lead, so no worries there. I am a big fan of free or discounted home improvement. 

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