PKSB Malfunction

RAV4 Hybrid Limited

It has been a weird few of days of late. Starting on Thursday, I started the car and was greeted by a new and cryptic warning message, “PKSB Malfunction.” Googling it did not elucidate its meaning much, PKSB stands for Parking Support Brake. Is that the parking brake? Further research indicated that what the message was referring to is what we call the nanny car’s parking-warning system. This is the system that beeps loudly in complaint whenever said nanny car approaches too closely any foreign object. Be it another car in an adjoining parking space or even a wisp of grass waving in the wind from the parking strip. Its idea of too closely is way further away than mine. I opened the hood and found leaves in the engine compartment. Not a good sign. Last winter a squirrel had nicked the fuel line and caused $1,200 in damage. Most of which the insurance paid for. We had a luncheon that day, so I scheduled an appointment at the dealer for Friday. It seemed safe to drive, but on the highway, a second warning message appeared on the dash, Low Oil Level. We got it home and then to the dealer for diagnosis—rodents. In this case squirrels. Anne had seen a squirrel with leaves in its mouth crawling beneath the car. There were the leaves that I had found at the top of the engine compartment and the mechanic found way more leaves at the bottom of the engine compartment, when he had the car up on the lift. The verdict was that the squirrel had chewed through not one, but two wiring harnesses, which was determined to be the cause of the two warnings. Toyota estimates that repairing this damage will cost $12K. Yes, that is more than a third of the vehicle’s purchase price. I called the insurance company and begun that process. Hopefully, it will lead to satisfaction. Right now, there are none of these wiring harnesses in the country and it is anyone’s guess when they will become available. The car is drivable now, but when parts become available, it will take a week to repair. We are having some fun now.

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  1. Wow, when in LA i heard of rodents getting into a car and destroying it but was unaware that squirrels could be culprits too. Sorry 😟. Outdoor car parking is risky! We are going through a slew of catalytic converter thefts.

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