RRR Trailer

There is still a lot to unpack from our trip to Costa Rica, but what is the rush? Meanwhile, life marches on. Last night, our “huge” snowfall once again failed to materialize and yesterday, the Academy Award nominations were announced. For the first time, an Indian Bollywood movie scored an Oscar (so white) nomination. The nomination is a relatively modest one as these things go, for best original song, but one must start somewhere. RRR is the film, where the three Rs do not stand for reduce, reuse, recycle, but rather Rise, Roar, Revolt. This three-hour extravaganza is an action-packed musical of sorts, a buddy film and a patriotic call to arms, all rolled up into one. Although over the top at times, RRR was very entertaining to watch. The movie, which stars two of India’s most popular actors—Ram Charan and N.T. Rama Rao Jr.—is set in Delhi during the pre-independence India of the early 1920s, the movie follows two patriotic but philosophically opposed men who must eventually team up to rescue a kidnapped girl from the British governor. Depressingly, except for the governor’s niece, almost all Europeans are painted as horrible racists in this picture. The nominated song, Naacho, Naacho (Dance, Dance) is a rollicking dance off, where the two stars first take on all comers, before being left to best one another. Unusual, for this movie, the song’s scene is shot with a mostly white cast, at a British lawn party.

Naacho Naacho

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