Hocking Hills

Lovely breakfast with Jane this morning, at Avalon, on the site of the former Pretzel Bell. Late launch afterwards from Ann Arbor. down US-23 towards Columbus. Twenty-three just happened to be the points spread in Michigan’s big victory last week, over their archrivals Ohio State. As we approached Columbus though, things began to fall apart. Anne was still behind the wheel, even though I usually drive the big cities. Size wise, Columbus looks to be the largest city in Ohio, at least by area. The reason was that I was trying to score us a dinner reservation at the brand-new, it opened in September, Hocking Hills Lodge. While Anne was battling traffic, I was bouncing back-and-forth between the lodge’s restaurant, the front desk, Open Table and Ohio’s statewide helpline. I eventually got a manager on the line and satisfaction. Lesson learned, when booking lodging also book your meals. As it turned out, there were plenty of tables, just not on Open Table. We hiked the gorge for a little over an hour, in the gathering dusk. There is more water in the river now than when we last visited Hocking Hills. We will likely hike again tomorrow, before finally heading home again after three weeks on the road. OBTW, I am smiling.

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