Toasty Warm Tonight

Cabin Fire

Yesterday’s storm has given way from rain and turned to wind, as the front has passed us by. Dan, et. al. has successfully made it to Saint Louis, with Britt flying back to Queens this afternoon. Anne (and I helped) have whipped the cabin in shape to receive visitors again, who will hopefully arrive tomorrow. Yes, dear folks, Harry is due to arrive tomorrow. While Jay and Carl are transporting him north to us, Anne and I will run errands: recycling, garbage, gas, money and groceries. We should be able to easily complete them all in time for their arrival. Because of today’s blow, we are going to have a fire in the main cabin tonight. This will burn off all of the garbage that has accumulated as of late and help to keep us warm. This summer, Anne and I have been “sleeping around” up here at the cabin. We started on the sleeping porch, but then the kids arrived and we moved to the old folk’s bedroom. As part of this current wave of visitors, we will be sleeping in the main cabin, on the new cots that the kids bought. We tried them out last night and they were quite comfortable. My back did not pain me at all in the morning. One blanket was a little light on the covers though. Tonight, we’ll had a comforter, plus we’ll have the main room already preheated with a warm and toasty fire. Yesterday, at the laundromat, I downloaded plenty of videos to watch. I could see myself curling up on the couch , in front of the fire and watching a show tonight.

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