Road Work

Road Work

We eventually launched towards town, following today’s general exodus from the beach. Recycling, laundry and Meijer’s was the day’s itinerary, which we accomplished with practiced efficiency. We first encountered the pictured digger on the way into town. Then it was working the uphill portion of the Green Tunnel Road. We stopped to speak with the operator, who kind of explained-complained that someone on this road had asked the local phone company to repair the damage to the road that had been inflicted last year when they laid their fiber. We deigned not to mix our gripe with his whine, that they had backhoed our old phone line when they installed our neighbor’s new fiber line. When we returned from town, the digger was parked near our outhouse sans driver. Was he using the biffy? Would he leave a quarter when he was done? As it turned out, he was at lunch. He soon returned, accompanied by a dump truck full of gravel. No word yet, when anyone on our road will see any new faster Internet, let alone us, who are currently sitting at the end of a long line of people, while waiting our turn to get onto the information superhighway. One ringy dingy… two ringy dingy. Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?

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