Nice Ass Person Award

Nice Ass Person Award Winner

On Wednesday, 6 Mile Road was closed for construction. They are replacing the two bridges over the Waiska River and now through Labor Day everyone must detour south to M-28 over Forrest Side Road and Piche Road. Today, that construction precipitated a shopping bonanza for Brimley. First, we went to Sugar Daddy for some breakfast goodies for this weekend. Next to it is a new clothing store called Up North Apparel, it is not yet fully operating yet, so we will have to check back in a few weeks, when they should be ready. Our next stop was the NAPA auto parts/hardware store where we bought a staple gun. Finally, we hit Four Seasons also-known-as the state park store for a loaf of bread. The staple gun was for squirrel duty. Even though we haven’t heard or seen the squirrel in more than a week, Anne was determined to make sure said rodent does not gain access to the cabin again. Lo and behold though, upon returning to the cabin, we soon realized that there were not any staples around. So, I sent Anne back to NAPA in Brimley to buy some. Every project requires at least two trips to the hardware store, don’t you know. When she returned, she regaled me with her tale of getting a cute girl discount. The staples were regularly $6.05, but she only had to pay $1.05. She went back to the hardware store wearing Harry’s old overalls, which together with her winning personality earned her the Nice Ass Person Award discount. It even said that on the receipt, NAPA. We took turns on the ladder nailing back some trim and firmly stapling down the hardware cloth. We are feeling pretty good about this work, because this area of the cabin, is where Anne earlier saw the squirrel inside the cabin and before we fixed it, she was able to get her hand in the cabin that way too.

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