He’s Back!

Once Busted Bandit, Back Again?

Yesterday, Anne first heard and then saw a red squirrel inside the cabin, not once, but twice. She was outside on the back deck and saw the squirrel under the ease of the roof of the main cabin, behind some hardware cloth and in the kitchen porch, through the soffit vents. That was last night. Since then, we have heard the squirrel again and again. First, right above us, while we were still lying-in bed this morning and then later today while eating brunch in the kitchen. It seems to have the run of the place. There was some thought there might also be baby squirrels in the cabin, but there has not been anything substantive in that vein. We checked all of the usual suspected entry points, but nothing looked likely. Stay tuned, we will not rest until this squirrel is repelled, like we successfully drove away the squirrel in the cabin two years ago. In other cabin news, Anne swept the pine needles off the roof, and I fixed the kitchen sink. So, it too no longer drips. More seats and springs stuff.

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