Burn Baby, Burn!

Face-Cord of Hardwood

Yesterday, we ordered a face-cord of hardwood firewood. Today, we received its delivery. We still have over half-a-cord of the old firewood that we will have to first unstack, then stack the new would in its place, at the bottom of the pile and then restack the old wood on top of the new. Today, is the first warm day that we have had in over a week, so maybe later, maybe tomorrow, we’ll see. It was the first windless day that we’ve had for a long while. There is no real rush. Frankly, I was surprised that we got the wood so quickly. I mean, this is the year of supply chain shortages after all, but not with firewood, at least not around here. After the delivery, Anne and I walked the beach, where it was sunny, but also rather still and a bit buggy. All the creeks were running, most with waterflow volumes that were much greater than normal. Last night, when we walked the beach, we had our shoes on and managed to clear the smaller creeks by jumping them, mostly, but we elected to not jump the largest one. Today, we were barefoot and simply waded across all the creeks, through the cold, brown tannin filled water, easy peasy. While we were fording this creek, Meghan, one of the triplets came by us. I think that she must have been jogging the road, because she had shoes on. She looked at the creek and leaped clearing it easily.

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