Ancient Club Moss

This is our second full day here at the cabin and we are settling in nicely. Over the last couple of days, it has gradually warmed up here. It was in the forties when we awoke on our first morning. I fixed a fire in the stove. It eventually got warm enough outside to feel a wee bit hot in the afternoon, when we walked the beach, me for the first time. The Doelle end of the beach continues to show further signs of human development from last year. It got warm enough that on the way back, I end up wading through the water, which is supposedly somewhere between forty and fifty degrees right now. In the late afternoon, we had company, Peter and Liz arrived to see the cabin, Liz for the first time and Peter not since our wedding of over forty years ago. We snacked on wine and cheese, but when I offered them some of Jan’s freshly baked pasties for dinner, that sent them scurrying for the door. I guess that they had already had the opportunity to experience this Yooper delicacy and wanted no more of it. In the end, after they left, we too also passed on them, having filled ourselves on cheese and crackers all afternoon, but tonight we will partake with pleasure.

This morning was warmer and there was no need to fire up the kitchen stove. After lunch, Mister Bill arrived. We conversed until Kevin the Jambalaya-Dot-Com tech showed-up. He was already reading our phone line’s last rites when we first noticed that he was here. He was not optimistic. Another test indicated that the line was cut some sixty-two feet from the cabin, along the driveway. He informed us with perfect disgust that last year’s contractors had likely cut our line when they were trenching in our neighbor’s new fiber. I guess that with a full year of having to clean up after those guys, he is pretty much fed up with them altogether. Later on, while we were on the way back from town to the cabin, the telephone company’s home office called to tell us that the expediency of getting DSL first was no longer an option. We will have to fill out a paper copy of a map that will show them all underground obstacles (septic, water) on the property. We’ll do that tomorrow. Any ideas how the waterline was run?

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