An Alarming Situation

Old AT&T Alarm System

We got notice from AT&T several months ago that they were getting out of the home alarm business. They are divesting themselves and turning over the business to Brinks, the armored car company. I was able to schedule an appointment this week for the changeover. Pictured is all of the old AT&T alarm system that was replaced with a single iPad sized device. The new system does a lot more than the old one did and operates about the same so no new learning curve. Unfortunately, the new iPad sized device is slightly too big for the spot on the wall, where the old keypad was situated, so it sticks out a little. No big deal, but not perfect either. Fundamentally, the old system had to be replaced, because it relies on G3 wireless technology, which is disappearing sometime this summer. Out with the old and in with the new.

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