Lance-Leaf Tickseed

Lance-Leaf Tickseed

We are ready for summer, but so far, even though it is not officially summer (June 22) or even unofficially summer (Memorial Day), our “summer” weather is decidedly cooler than normal. It even dropped down into the forties this week, which for late May is almost unheard of here. I understand that the East Coast is sweltering now, but that shouldn’t last long, as neither will our present cold snap. We are enjoying the nice weather here as much as we can. Yesterday, we did the long neighborhood walk, which swung us by the De Mun Kaldi’s Coffee, where we both enjoyed a cold brew. Sitting outside on a delightful day, Anne noticed a little girl who was wearing a Michigan State hoodie. Anne went over to introduce herself to the little girl’s adults and let them know that both she and I had graduated from State. The little girl’s grandmother told Anne that the hoodie was a gift from her grandfather on the other side of the family. As it turns out, this man is presently the president of MSU. He had the misfortune of assuming that position just as the Larry Nasser and the MSU gymnastics team’s sexual abuse scandal broke. He got to clean up the mess. The little girl’s grandfather had just been in Saint Louis for a wedding. It is a small world.

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