Pfister—A handful

New Pfister Kitchen Faucet

Yesterday, Anne and I participated in a little home improvement project. Our kitchen sink had sprung a leak, but it was an odd leak, not in any of the usual places. The leak was in the middle of the spout arm. I guess that the metal there had rusted away enough for a hole to form. Off to Menards we went. After much comparing of the multitude of choices, we decided upon a Lima model made by Pfister. I later learned that the faucet manufacturer Pfister is now expanding their business with a line of high-tech toilets—The p is silent. When we got home and opened the box, I was taken back at how complicated it all looked. First, we watched a video, where the sales rep made installing the new faucet look really, really easy. Now, I’m not much of a plumber, I’ll be the first to admit. I’m much better working with computers, where my best advice for fixing a leaky faucet comes from, “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”

Before, we could begin installing the new faucet, we had to remove the old one. First, we removed the wooden cabinetry facing that sits in front of the sink. Anne helped a lot with that. With that out of the way, getting to the pipes was a lot easier. Both supply lines have valves to shut off the water, but the valve on the cold-water line didn’t completely work, allowing drops of water to continue to flow, but with much effort I managed to remove the old leaky faucet. Did you know your faucet has 15 different mechanisms that help turn on the water? They all work in sink. With some missteps along the way, we managed to install the new faucet. Turning on the two water supplies I was relieved to not find any leaks. However, after running the water for a while, it appears that the hot and cold-water supply lines had been hooked up in reverse, instead of hot being on the left, it was on the right. I’m trying to decide if I want to take it apart and do it again, or if I can just live with it, but for now, I’m letting the problem sink in.

2 thoughts on “Pfister—A handful

  1. The hot and cold in my Holmes Hall dorm room were backward, and I still get confused sometimes.
    And that’s not including some of the fancy new kitchen faucets. They replaced a faucet at work and I still don’t know if hot is up or down. Of course I have hardly been there over the past two years. 😐

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