School Daze

Alley Springs One-Room Schoolhouse

This coming June, Ann Arbor will be hosting an all citywide fiftieth high school reunion for the various classes that graduated in 1972, Pioneer, Huron, St. Thomas, and Commie. Anne and I plan on attending. It is to be held the weekend after the week that we will host Frank and Kathy here in the Lou. After they depart, we’ll head north. Tentatively, we plan on extending our visit to the Great Lakes state, by after reunion weekend, heading further north and spend some time up at the cabin. June has always been a rather buggy month, so, we’ll see how well that goes. We’ve mentioned this reunion to a couple of our former classmates, whom we still converse with, Alice and Evelyn. I’m not sure if they will attend or not, but we’ll see. We spoke on the phone with Evelyn for some time last night. It was good catching up with her on all of the news of the world. Old friends, friends of long acquaintance are a treasure to be kept.

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