My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

Me at the Wheel of a Tesla Model S

Yesterday, I was waiting on the curb to cross Big Bend at Clayton, when a white Tesla turning left nearly ran into me. It was turning left and had misjudged on simply didn’t see the oncoming traffic that had the right of way. In order to avoid a collision, it served towards me, only to veer away at the last moment. This intersection is one of the ten most accident prone in Saint Louis. Earlier this year it was the scene of a double fatality when after midnight a couple traveling at over a hundred miles per hour literally flew through the intersection and then launched themselves into the second story of a medical building, kitty corner to where I was standing. I wish that I could count how many times that drivers in the east bound right turn only lane head straight and then try to squeeze into my lane as if it were their lane. Anyway, I lived.

I was losing my soul to YouTube the other day, when I encountered Dr. Eleanor Janega, a British medieval history professor. I watched a couple of her videos where she was rating various contemporary movies that featured medieval warfare. She was rating them on their historical accuracy. Turns out that she also has a blog, Going Medieval. It also turns out that she is more interested in the personal habits and sexual practices during the Middle Ages than any fighting. I’m following her now on Twitter.

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