Rhymes With Orange – Hindsight

Went to the ophthalmologist today for my one-week post-operative checkup. Good news! My vision in my left eye is 20/20 now. Up from last week’s 20/25. It used to be 20/400 before the surgery. I then scheduled appointments for my right eye’s surgery, for next week. My right eye was better than my left eye used to be. It is only 20/200, but more importantly for this surgery it does not have an astigmatism, which means that I won’t need to pay for another fancy, uncovered, $2,000, toric lens like what my left eye got. The only cloud over today’s appointment was that my glaucoma related eye pressure was up, but my doctor wasn’t too concerned about that because it could just be a side effect of all the steroid eye drops that I am taking, but I’ve begun tapering off those. Later in the appointment, I got to see what the tiny stents that were placed in my eye to relieve the pressure. Well sort of, in the display sample they were just tiny specks. The doctor said that my eye had healed quite nicely. After the tech had run all of the day’s test and before the doctor showed up, I was left alone in the examining room. The computer monitor that doubles as the eye chart had switched into screen saving slide show mode. The photos were mainly of pets, dogs, cats and birds, but occasionally an eye related comic would appear and I managed to photograph quite a few of them while I was waiting. So reads, get ready for a slew of corny jokes in the coming weeks.

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