Technical Issues


We have been wrestling with technical issues this holiday weekend. On Wednesday morning, the home ethernet went down and as of writing it is still down. That makes it three plus days of limited bandwidth. We still have our cell phones and they can act as hotspots and be tethered to the laptop, which is how I work at the cabin. Roughing it, but at least it is functional. I’ve called AT&T and they admit that they have a problem and are trying to fix it, but it is a holiday and I wonder how hard that they are really working. I’ve also gone to their outages troubleshooting page, which sports a map of the outage area and we are definitely in the red zone. It appears that only fiber customers are affected. So, for three days now our new modem shows a blinking red light. I can reset the modem and for a few minutes as it boots up, the blinking red light is replaced with a blinking white light, but inevitably the connection times out and the light switches back to red. Until today that is. I was working offline, when I noticed that the modem was blinking white and I hadn’t done anything. I played with it for about an hour, but still no joy, but at this point any change is progress.

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