I Got Mine

I Got Mine

Pictured is Anne sitting in one of two new red Adirondack chairs. The other one is still flat packed in its box. We labored mightily yesterday, working together, putting it together. Anne is test piloting it for the first time. Sunday was a warm and humid day, so we assembled it on the front porch. We ended up each dropping one of our Allen wrenches into the ivy, which surrounds the porch, but managed to find the wrench each time. Severe weather was expected last night, so we brought the chair in for night, proving that we can fit an assembled chair through the front door. The chairs are made of plastic, so they should be weather resistant, but we didn’t want to chance it, at least on the first day. The bad storms never did materialize, at least not around here, so we carried the completed chair back outside this morning, where it will remain until its too cold to even think about sitting outside. We’ll get the other chair assembled, but now that it has turned cold, do the work inside and by Thursday a matching table is expected to arrive. We got the idea for these chairs by walking around the neighborhood and seeing how their bright colors really accented a home.  

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