Two Paper Kites Mating

Two Paper Kites Mating

We met one of our longtime friends from our earliest days in Saint Louis. David lives in Ann Arbor now. We met at the Zingerman’s Roadhouse for coffee, just like we had a year ago during the pandemic. Our other friend and Dave’s wife Julia couldn’t make it because she is currently working a consulting gig in the Chicago area. David bicycled to the roadhouse, reminding us of all of the great bicycle rides we had done together, back in the day. We spent several hours talking to each other. Eventually, the topic of conversation turned to Harry’s impending move and all of the hubbub surrounding it. Harry lives in the Ann Arbor Hill neighborhood, which is a very desirable area. As it turns out Dave and Jill have a daughter and son-in-law, both doctors at St. Joe’s, who maybe interested in purchasing the property. If possible, we’ll show them the place tomorrow. They have two small children and grandparent duties are what drew our friends to town in the first place. Last year, we were able to hookup with Dave and Jill, because I had posted about our visit on this blog and David read about it. A similar thing happened this year, our friends Alice and Chris are coming to town today and Chris read about this year’s trip. We’ll hookup with them tonight. We met the realtor who came by to take exterior photos of the property, but then a very rude thunderstorm caused the movers to cancel their furniture move for the day. Exciting times!

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