What a long strange trip it’s been…


It is with mixed emotions that I write this post. I have decided to officially retire from substitute teaching. In 2020, I would tell people, “I may have accidentally retired”, but now I’ve decided to go through with it for real. Just as MRH is getting ready for Tier 1 Learning, I am getting ready to visit my husband’s family in California. In 2020, we planned to fly and spend a week for Spring Break, now in 2021, we are planning on driving and spending about five weeks on the road. So that’s a happy emotion! On the other hand, I will miss working with all of you. I saw your passion and tried to emulate it. I saw your perseverance, and did my best. I saw your patience, and said a prayer, “Lord, please send me patience. And Lord, I really need it right now, ASAP! I’ve been amazed to realize that I have taught students, and now their children. I’m thrilled that former students have become MRH teachers! I’m humbled when parents recognize me as their child’s guest teacher. I’m lucky to have worked for such a great school district! The best thing I’ve learned is to have a growth mindset. So, even if I haven’t played in the WNBA, I can always tell myself, I haven’t played in the WNBA… Yet! ROFL.  — Anne

3 Ball Total Equilibrium Tank (Dr. J Series), Jeff Koons, 1985

2 thoughts on “What a long strange trip it’s been…

  1. Wow! Congratulations
    Do you know that the WNBA is now playing above the rom?
    Seriously, reading this made me weepy. Totally unexpected. Am I envious? Who knows.
    Well deserved- kudos to you.

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