Thief in the Night

Thief in the Night – Photo by Bastian Pudill on Unsplash

Our RAV4 was broken into last night and we were robbed. I had last driven it yesterday—I drove Anne to the polls so that she could absentee vote. After I dropped her off, I headed to Forest Park and flew the drone. Returning home, I packed up the drone, which was lying on the back seat, but then forgot to lock the car. This morning I discovered the crime, when I went out to the car to fetch my camera that I had left in the car. Fortunately, it was still there. I had placed it in the driver’s side door pocket and as such was out-of-sight when the thief had opened the front passenger’s door. I noticed a couple of sunglasses cases sitting on the front passenger seat. Also, there was a tray from the center console and that console had been left open. Missing was the red power inverter ($30) that I had bought to charge batteries. As near as I can tell that was all that was taken.

We were heading out for our daily constitutional, so I called Anne over, in case she had been looking for something in the car, but no. I called the police next, who took my report. The officer was unaware of any similar activity on our street, but thought that it was unusual that thieves would break into a car sitting in a driveway. Usually, they just stick to robbing cars parked on the street. We were lucky that they didn’t take more, like the camera, but I still feel violated.

Last year, when we were coming back from Florida our Prius was broken into while we were staying with friends in Atlanta. During which a window got smashed. It was a similar snatch and grab. Taken from the console was a cup full of change and Anne’s backpack. The change was probably the only thing of monetary value taken, but her backpack held many personal and irreplaceable items. Fixing the broken window was the most expensive aspect of that incident.

We will have to redouble our precautions in the future. I am even more pleased now that we got a home security system this year. Even though we don’t go anywhere anymore is it still good to have around. I had turned off Bluetooth on my iPhone, because I got annoyed with its interactions with the RAV4. They always seemed to be wrestling for control of the car’s radio. I turned it back on today, so I will in the future get messages when I’ve forgotten to lock the car.

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