The Back Range Light

Back Range Light Wreckage in the Great North Woods – Full Field of View

Dan and Britt finally got their new computer and have begun to unpack all of the drone movies from this summer. The above photo of the back range light came out pretty well. There is a closeup view of the wreckage below. Currently, they are leaning towards using Windhover Aerial as their drone company’s name. Windhover being the archaic name for the Kestrel.

Down the beach, at is far end are the remains of an old lightkeeper’s house. It is still standing, if a bit worse for wear. The lights that were the keeper’s charge are all gone. The most intact of the lot being the back range light that was the most protected from the region’s November gales. But even it fell over years ago and is little more than a jumble of wood. This last summer, Dan and Britt flew their drone over the swamp, where this range light lay and were able to find it.

Back Light Wreckage Closeup

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