By the Pale Moon Light

Waxing Gibbous Moon

So, how many Boomers does it take to change a lightbulb? Apparently two is the magic number. Earlier this week the bathroom’s fluorescent vanity light died. I tried to fix it, but no joy. I took down the old fixture and ordered a new one on Amazon. Anne painted over the bare spot left behind. The new fixture arrived and working as a team, we installed it, without too much difficulty. At 3200 lumens it is bright. I see the installation of a dimmer switch in our future. I also now see that we really, really, really need to clean the bathroom.

Mark: I cannot believe your blatant corruption. This is nepotism! The only reason that I got this job, is because I’m related to you.
Anne: Just takeout the trash, Mark.

Yesterday, we extended our neighborhood walk a bit and made it over to WashU. It’s not open for students yet, but it looks like preparations are well underway. We toured the Danforth Butterfly Garden again and there were butterflies there. Continuing on towards the park, we passed Forsyth School, a private prep school that also looked like it was getting ready to open. Half-a-dozen big white party tents had been erected on the lawn. It took me a while to realize that they were going to be used as open air classrooms and were not for some party. SLU the other big school opened last week and I expect that WashU will open next week. It will be interesting to see how they fare and how long it takes before the first inevitable Covid cases appear. Then it will be a question of what they do next.

Anne called her employer of record, Kelly and informed them that she would not be available to substitute this semester. There wasn’t too much likelihood that she would be called anyway, since the district is only opening virtually, but if it prevents even one early morning phone call that would be a blessing. There is still the other teachers though. Some have the habit of going outside of channels and contacting Anne directly and not go through the sub-scheduling system.

The weather has been unusually pleasant this week. Highs in the low eighties and not too much humidity. I could get used to weather like this.

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