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Milkweed Blossoms

Anne likes to tell an origin story for Father’s Day. Contrary to popular opinion it was not some Hallmark holiday just cooked-up to sell more greeting cards. The story goes that about a month after Mother’s Day, some dad woke to an idea and said, “Hey, wait a minute! What about me?”

On this Father’s Day this dad has made quite a haul. I got way more than a card. Anne gifted me a t-shirt that on its back lists all of the National Parks. Included is a fabric marker for filling in the circle for each park that we’ve visited. Also given was a CamelBak hydration pack to stay quenched while hiking in all of these parks. I also got a belt, to replace the one that I lost in the last national park that we visited. Hopefully, someday soon we’ll visit our national parks again. Finally, she gave me a bag full of goodies from kă·kā·ō, because like its chocolate, but wait there’s more. We were both headed out to kă·kā·ō together, to pick up her order, when Anne had the idea, “What if the UPS truck shows up while were gone?” I’d been tracking our new desk chair and it was due for delivery. Not two minutes after she had driven away the UPS truck showed up.

She must be physic. The delivery woman handtrucked this huge package to the front porch and I struggled to get it inside. Direct from 90210 and Beverly Hills Chairs, our new Herman Miller Aeron deskchair had arrived. The only sign that our chair was “renewed” and not showroom new was a bit of dust on parts of it, because otherwise it was perfect. After some assembly required, we both tried it on for size. Instead of upholstery, it sports a fabric mesh that is super breathable and in hot weather, I can place our box fan behind me and feel cool air blowing up my butt. If that’s not haute living, then I don’t know what is.

Rounding out this materialistic screed is one more gift that I bought for myself. It is a clip-on wide-angle / macro lens combo that is designed to work with the iPhone. The Milkweed photo with this post was taken with the macro half of the combo. It has limited depth-of-field and some lens distortion, but was way, way cheaper than a real macro lens would be. Anyway, it is a new toy to play with, especially on our daily ambles. Hopefully, with practice I can perfect this new technique. Stay tuned and to all of the other dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

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