Trumpty Dumpty

Trumpty Dumpty Built a Great Wall, Brooklyn Mural

Trumpty Dumpty built a great wall,
Trumpty Dumpty tweeted it all.
All of his lies and all the Fox newsmen
Couldn’t get Trumpty reelected again.

It’s tax day and I can’t think of a better time for complaining about the current administration. First off, is everyone loving their Yuge tax cut? Unless you are a member of the 1%, it’s probably not that big. For many, it doesn’t even exist at all.

I heard on NPR today that reversing years of Republican orthodoxy (Like that would ever happen?), Trump has proposed increasing spending on the IRS. Normally, I would be OK with such a proposal, but these are hardly normal times. Any man who would seriously consider using refugees and asylum seekers as pawns, to be used to punish political opponents cannot be trusted not to misuse the tax enforcement agency. I can’t imagine to what ends that man would pervert this agency, to further his own agenda.

This tax day plays out against the saga of Trump’s own tax returns. His lack of disclosure regarding them begs the question, what is he hiding? My money is on the idea that he his hiding the fact that he is nowhere near as rich as he claims to be. There were all those bankruptcies after all. I wouldn’t rule out though that he is also hiding a little money laundering on the side. While he may be able to stiff arm the House Democrats, cracks are forming around the edges. Subpoenas have been sent to Trump’s long time accountants, who have no recourse but to comply. Meanwhile the New York attorney general is probing his state returns. The truth will come out, no matter how much he tries to prevent it. Hopefully, just in time for the 2020 presidential campaign.

6 thoughts on “Trumpty Dumpty

  1. I hope the NY state returns show enough that he is forced to resign, then be indicted for Federal crimes. I also would love it if the Mueller Report (expected Thursday, in who-knowa-how-massively-redacted form) proves that this entire administration is illegal and falsely put in place. It would still take years to correct the damage, but damn it, the sooner it is halted, the better.

  2. I assume practically everyone is familiar with the Movie “Trading Places” (Ackroyd/Murphy). there’s a scene towards the end of the pic when the Ackroyd character is “rescued” after hitting rock bottom … he wakes up, looks around, saying something to the effect of him having had a horrible nightmare, but “it was all just a bad dream.”

    i’m that way about the present state of politix — I hope someday (soon?) i’ll wake up, and all this will have been just a bad, bad, dream …

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