Car Show


We went downtown to see the car show. I put this show on our calendar after last summer’s travels. A combination of two factors led us down this path. We had another check engine light, during last year’s western sojourn. Then there was Anne’s early morning commute. We’ve been sharing a Prius and planning our next trip west. This led us to consider the need for a new car. It’s January and since we are not jetting off to warmer locales, this appointment took on great significance. There’s not much else going on here, besides snow, wind and cold. Anne blocked off her calendar and we launched downtown.

First, we had to fortify ourselves, besides it was lunch time. We ate at Rooster’s original locale. I remarked on how uncrowded it was and Anne reminded me that the last time we were here, we were also on the way to a Rams game, a few blocks away. Oh yeah, we were with Dave and Rey and the Rams upset the Seahawks, probably their last hurrah here. As always, the crepes were great.

At the car show, we mapped out the vendors that we wanted to see. In the last six months, especially while walking together, we’ve discussed the different makes and models that caught our eye. The gambit of our selection was pretty wide open and included hybrids, crossovers and SUVs.

Even with 500 vehicles to choose from, we couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. What we want is a car that gets Prius like mileage, costs the same as a Prius and has some off-road capability. Toyota was displaying a new AWD version of the Prius, but it still has our car’s low ground clearance. In the end, we decided that we really didn’t need a new car and agreed to stick it out and wait a bit longer, before taking the plunge. $25K+ buys a lot of airfare too.

It’s a Jeep Thing


2 thoughts on “Car Show

  1. A few years ago my wife and I bought a Subaru Outback. It’s been great. We’ve taken it on road trips, to work and on errands and we’ve had no problems but for one that will never, ever go away. It’s an AWD and we found that an AWD car requires that the tires have an identical tread depth. In the case of our Subaru the tires all have to be within 1/32 of an inch. Otherwise you risk damaging the drive train. The last time that we took the car in for service we were told that one of the tires is worn, which is to say that all of the tires are worn because we will have to change ALL OF THEM. You may already be aware of this “feature” or maybe they’ve corrected this since we got our Subaru. Just thought that I would put this out as a PSA. Good luck on your car search.

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