Homophones and other Mistakes

San Esteban Island Chuckwalla

Trying to write everyday is hard work. I guess that’s why its not an every day occurrence. Still, they’re some who daily do there vigil and then share it out their in cyberspace. I count myself a member of this compliment. For all intensive purposes, I write something, even when I don’t have anything to say.

It is a doggy dog world. Supposably anyone is welcome to share ideas online. Undoubtably for some this is true. Irregardless, you other people should be regrettable for you’re regretful judgement, because I write pretty now. I just wanted to appraise you of this. All and all, in this day in age for all intensive purposes, I should of shone less regard for what other people think.

PS – The grammar Nazi that I live with is not pleased. I asked her to proof this post and she was not amused. Maybe it hit too close to hone?

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