My Birthday

Our First Sunset in the Badlands

Yesterday, I ran out of data and AT&T put me on time out. Time out being 2G service. I was ready to head for home. There was no way that I could have stood two more weeks of this Internet slow roll. I was especially pissed off, when I considered how much I am paying AT&T. As it turns out, I think that I had only maxed out only one of our devices, my iPhone. Our iPad seems still golden, plus Anne’s iPhone should keep me cooking in LTE for the rest of this billing period. She is always the laggard in our shared data plan’s usage. There is the chance that I am being delusional about all this. I thought that our plan’s data had a shared limit. The possibility exists though that at 10 o’clock my neighbor’s cellphones have gone silent and they have gone to bed and AT&T is left with no recourse, but to turn me loose on the Internet superhighway, to drag race again. Stay tuned folks, because if I am wrong, I’ll have to flee this place.

The day before yesterday, it clouded up and there wasn’t a sunset on the lake. Yesterday, it rained off and on through the day and still no sunset. It was a cabin day, definitely not a beach day. Today, it is my birthday. 

11 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. Well what a horrible stressful way to spend your birthday but, I still want to wish you many more years! 🎂
    We had several issues with AT&T in the past so I know the stress. We switched and never going back!

  2. Happy B day Marky! May you suffer many more. I sincerely hope that you dont cut your beach time short due to lost internet service. It sounds a little like al 1st world problem.
    I went down with the ship Sunday before last. Smashed the scafoid bone in my left wrist, 20 stitches to my forehead and lost a lot of skin. Had a bone graft and got screwed Monday. I’m on the mend, but the worst part: Alice & I had paid to fly to Calgary and spend last week touring Alberta’s provincial parks. Instead: bed and pain killers.
    I share this with you on your frustrated birthday and as a reminder that disaster is but a slip away. Take a breath and seize the day.

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