Sushi Go Party!

Sushi Go Party!

Candyland is so passé. What’s happening is Sushi Go Party! I especially love the tiny little tables. Dan and Jay both arrived and in that order, In between them the tent was erected. Three burly roustabouts put up the giant white mushroom in the parking lot. Plus, there is now a clean port-a-potty next to the outhouse. There is little chance of any wedding rain, but waves are a concern. Personally wet feet wouldn’t bother me, but some people (you know who They are) are so fussy. Anyway, the tent is a good insurance policy. I’ve heard no talk of stealing the matrimonial get-away car, but there is still plenty of time. All of the usual suspects are now present.

I would never be so immature to try to duplicate what was perpetrated on us at our wedding, but I do have truly evil idea for a wedding prank. When we got married the weather was not nice enough for a true beach wedding. We got married in the then parking lot, in the lee of the cabin. Since then and now, the front steps to the cabin, where we took our vows, have been moved and where we stood is now where the toilet sits. I was thinking that if we do have to use the tent that when the roustabouts return on Sunday afternoon, I could ask their help and before they collect all of their wares move the port-a-potty to where Rey and Becca stood, for a photo-op. It’s would be tradition and good luck too. Anne would never let me do it. She is so fussy about things like that and wet feet too.

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