The East Side

Bear Grass

It’s been a rainy day. Into each life a little rain must fall. At least the tent stayed dry. We drove over to the east side of Glacier, Two Medicine, near the Blackfeet Reservation. This is the oldest portion of Glacier. We went there because we had heard that the east side of the park was drier than the west. Not today though, because it poured while we were over there. We did get out to view Running Eagle Falls, which is named for a historical woman Blackfoot chief. It is here that we saw the Bear Grass, which is also called Indian Basket Grass. We hung around the ranger station and the store at Two Medicine until lunch. The ranger thought that the two moose calves that we saw a couple of days ago, were only a week old. We then backtracked to the historic Great Northern Railway Lodge for a repast and then we hung out there for a while too. Amtrak still stops there and there were more than a few railroad buffs hanging out with us. Then it looked like rain had lifted in West Glacier, so we headed back there. We checked out the Alberta House in West Glacier, which here is the Canadian visitor’s center. It was pretty nice. Dinner at Eddies in Apgar, showers and then camp. We’ll see if we stay up long enough to go to the evening ranger program or not, because tomorrow is another day.

2 thoughts on “The East Side

  1. Hi guys! We got your postcard from Devil’s Tower yesterday and mused about your travels over breakfast. It’s exciting to just read about your adventures. Although, “tenting “ is not our cupa, traveling west sounds wonderful. We’re in the beginning stages of planning a trip to China this October. Alice just got the invite and it looks like her brother, Sandy, might be in China at that time as well. Thanx for the card. Happy Trails!

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