Green Heron on Victoria Lily

Green Heron Hunting from a Victoria Lily Pad

Even though we saw a pair of these Green herons yesterday, this picture is from September, 2014. I’ve not ever posted this particular photo, but I had published another one from the same wildlife encounter. It was taken in Tower Grove Park. Of the two photographs, the one that I originally showed and this one, I like this one better. It is almost an action shot. I didn’t use it before, because it had some issues. Issues that with my new and improved post-processing software are no longer a problem. I’m now using Adobe Photoshop Elements 15, which introduced two key features that were not available before. They are techniques camera shake and haze, both of which plagued the original picture. Imitating my brother Chris, who is a much better photographer than I’ll ever be, I have also begun using masks, by which I mean, I select portions of the overall photograph and selectively apply enhancements. For example, lightening the dark shady side of the heron and darkening the flat of the lily pad. Neither of which were entirely successful, but are now much better than they use to be. You can take my word for that.

PS – Here is a Happy Birthday shoutout to my other brother, Frank!

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