In Quick Rotation

Some Left-Coast Gay Money

I have consciously been trying to keep politics off this blog and confining such discussions to my Twitter feed. Twitter is like the wild west, where anything goes and where politically ranting tweets have become the lingua franca. I self censor not so much not to offend, but because such arguments either fall on deaf ears or end up singing to the choir. However, like volcanos occasionally have to erupt, then too so do I. The genesis of this eruption is the never-ending stream of revelations emanating from the Whitehouse, first about collusion with Russia, but now superseded by Stormy Daniels. The spark that has ignited this blogging conflagration was this morning’s 4 AM thunderstorm. It was a doozy. While, I was lying awake in bed, my fevered brain kept ping-ponging back-and-forth between stories about Stormy Daniels and the stormy weather going on outside. Here are a few of the little ditties that I came up with and played in quick rotation on the juke box of my mind: 

  • Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky,
    Stormy Daniels. Keeps raining all the time
  • Oh Rudy, don’t take your lies to town
  • Sarah, Sarah, Stormy’s blowing up your smoky eyes.
    Sarah Huckabee, no time is a good time for goodbyes
  • Doctor, Doctor, gimme my records back,
    I got a bad case of loving her

  • The old Donald had a fling E-I-E-I-O
    And on his fling he porked a porn star E-I-E-I-O
    With a oink, oink here, and a oink, oink there
    Here a oink, there a oink, everywhere a oink, oink
    The old Donald had a fling E-I-E-I-O

The doctored fiver pictured above, I received in change while last in California. I had some difficulty while trying to process it in Photoshop, which recognized the image as currency and for fear of counterfeiting, wanted to have nothing to do with it. My work around was to first apply a vignette with another, less sophisticated app that tinted the original image enough to satisfy Photoshop. 

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