On our last full day in London, we were wandering around London’s west end, checking out Buckingham Palace’s changing of the guard and traversing Hyde Park to Marble Arch, when we decided to swing by Mr. Selfridge’s store of many departments. I thought that we were just going to give it the old once over, but Anne seemed rather enthralled by it all. This was my first trip to London, but she had visited it before, during the summer of our high school graduation. She and two friends, Alice and Becky, did a six-week bicycle tour of Britain that began and ended in London. On that trip she bought herself a souvenir, a blue suede miniskirt from Selfridge’s. She paid for that skirt and the whole trip with money that she had earned herself, so I can safely say that the blue suede miniskirt didn’t retail for anywhere near as much as the pictured £425 one.

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  1. I was rather disappointed by Selfridges. The show, Mr Selfridge, recreates the store so beautifully (as it must have been once) that the reality is like a thud after. Did you get to visit Liberty?

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