Rocking in a Rolla

Chris with an Example of His First Motorcycle, a BSA A65 Thunderbolt

We drove to Rolla today. It was pretty much a ride in the rain, both ways. I did see some rather soggy motorcyclists along the way, but we kept dry in the Prius. We drove there to meet our longtime friend, Chris. He was in Joplin, visiting his brother. Rolla served as a good midway point between Joplin and Saint Louis. I had asked my Spacely Sprockets colleagues of the UMR persuasion for a good luncheon local and they delivered with Los Cazadores (the Hunters), a Mexican restaurant. Over lunch, we spent several enjoyable hours catching up on our news, reminiscing and hatching future plans. Somehow our discussion turned to the question of the difference between normal senior dementia and Alzheimer. Chris offered the following clarification. Normal senior dementia is signified when you forget to zip up your fly after you pee. Alzheimer is indicated if you forget to unzip your fly before you pee. With talk like that we ended up clearing out all of the luncheon crowd and still had more to say. It was all good! 

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