Rev’Up Your Tastebuds

Joanie graciously treated Anne and I to Sunday brunch at the Triumph Grill, which is in Midtown. I tried begging off on my tab, after all it was Anne’s birthday brunch not mine, but she would have none of that, “You two are a matched set, a pair, you go together.” I thanked her then and I thank her again.

Triumph Grill takes its name from a troubled motorcycle company that first German then British. It shares the building with the Moto Museum, a museum dedicated to vintage motorcycles and an up and running Ducati dealership, Moto Europa. Hotel Ingacio completes this suite, which is across Olive from Saint Louis University. Combined, the environment is very Eurocentric, no Red Wings or Hogs need apply.

The Moto Museum proper was closed on Sunday, but the banquet hall that Triumph caters to was open. It features a couple of dozen vintage cycles. I should have stepped into Hotel Ingacio. I’ve certainly cruised its parking circle often enough. That was an oversight that I’ll have to eventually correct. Moto Europa was closed too, but then I wasn’t buying.

Triumph’s brunch had a Cinco de Mayo theme going on Sunday. First thing though, we all had to fill out our egg questionnaires. Joanie and I went the simple route and picked an Eggs Benedict. Anne went the omelet route, got what she wanted, but had to wait for it. In the mean time, we had all made one pass through the buffet, loaded our plates, so we weren’t really waiting on the eggs. I highly recommend the Triumph Grill. The food was excellent and the decor interesting. I can’t really speak to prices. I suggest that you ask Joanie.

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